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Grillpro 7 lb. Lava Rock

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Natural Gas Stainless Steel Bbq With 4 Burners

Natural Gas Stainless Steel Bbq With 4 Burners


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Cooking Area 536 sq. in. Stainless Steel Elite Models are the best built gas barbecues available. Manufactured entirely from type 304, polished stainless steel. Stainless Steel Elite Country Club Barbecues are built entirely from type 304 stainless steel. They are built for a lifetime of trouble-free cooking. These units feature stainless steel heavy duty construction chassis, insert pans, drip pans, burners, cooking grates, side shelves, storage shelf and a mobile base. SSE barbecues come completely assembled and ready for use right out of the box. Lava rock and heavy duty wheels included.

2 Burner Natural Gas Built-In-Barbecue

2 Burner Natural Gas Built-In-Barbecue

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Price: $651.39

Total BTU's 40,000.Cooking Area, 264 sq. in. This Series of Barbecues are designed to give you complete cooking control. The Open Hearth gas broilers have Stainless Steel Type 304 construction chassis, insert pan, drip pan and cooking grates. Models feature two burners per section and are available in sizes from 17" to 68" wide. All are supplied with natural lava rock and completely assembled. These units have been designed for built-in outdoor installations in masonry or other non-combustible materials - not in wood! Sides and back of units are subject to discoloration. All units use 1/2" I.P.S. gas connection. Stainless Steel Burner Tubes are available as an option or replacement on any broilers. All Lazy Man Barbecues are for Outdoor Use Only.