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Bluebonnet Super Earth Rainforest Animalz Vitamin C Chewable Natural Orange Flavor - 90 Chewable Tab

Bluebonnet Nutrition Super Earth Rainforest Animalz Natural Orange Flavor Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and Whole Food Fruits and Vegetables - 90 Animal-Shaped Chewables with EarthSweet If children grew up in the rainforest, they'd get most of the nutrients for proper growth and development from whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. Nutrients that are often missing from today's diets. Bluebonnet Super Earth Rainforest Animalz Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and Whole Food Fruits and Vegetables helps bridge this nutrient gap, providing vitamin C from calcium ascorbate (a buffered form) and essential super fruits and vegetables in two yummy animal-shaped chewables. EarthSweet is a nourishing blend of fruit juice concentrates (wild blueberry, cranberry, prune, cherry, strawberry, raspberry and bilberry fruits, grape seed, raspberry seed) and natural cane crystals. *Two free Rainforest Animalz tattoos inside product box* Meet Jenny the Jaguar! Jenny the jaguar is the largest, most powerful wild cat in South America's Amazon Rainforest! Well, not yet, but she will be when she grows up. She has a beautiful spotted coat that lets her hide and pounce on her prey. Jenny loves pouncing! And climbing. But Jenny is also an excellent swimmer. Jenny can catch fish too. Whatever Jenny does, she always does it gracefully. Not because she is a girl, but because she is a strong, self-confident jaguar! Jenny's friend, Freddy the tree frog, is hiding someone on the product box. Can you find him? Did You Know. The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest tropical rainforest on Earth, home to over a million species of animals. Jaguars are endangered. There are only 15,000 of them left. Unsustainable agriculture, ranching, mining and logging threaten the rainforest habitat. Help Protect the Rainforest Learn as much as you can about the rainforest and why it is disappearing. Reuse and recycle the Earth's resources. Support programs that protect the rainforest.

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