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Journey to Fitness - Chronicles of a New Triathlete

Journey to Fitness - Chronicles of a New Triathlete - (dba Shopping)

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When challenged by trainer Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear to compete in a triathlon despite the fact that she hated to run, couldnt really swim, and hadnt been on a bike since she was a child, busy mom Jackie had two choices: she could laugh off the suggestion, or embrace the opportunity. Follow Jackies journey to fitness as she shakes up her dull workout routine to push her body further than ever before and succeed in ways she never imagined Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear, certified personal trainer, helps individuals take charge of their minds and bodies to create lifestyle changes resulting in healthy eating, weight loss, and positive energy. With 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Linda is dedicated to her clients success. Her first motivational fitness book, Journey to Fitness - Chronicles of a Working Woman was released in 2009. Visit www. for more real-life success stories her clients are proud to share. *Author: Jassmond Lanfear, Linda S. *Binding Type: Paperback *Number of Pages: 102 *Publication Date: 2010/01/01 *Language: English *Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.21 inches

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